Water Purification project by KL-YAAN in Naka LGA Benue


The YES alumni (KL-YAAN) from Benue carried out a project on the purification of water using the bio sand filtration system. This system uses organic products from the environment to purify water in the same way water bottling companies use, only here it is cheaper and can be carried out by anyone.

The team was lead by Kpochi Emmanuel. He also had assist from some of his fellow alumni, volunteers, and members of the ENACTUS group from the JS Tarka University, Makurdi and the Youth Advocacy Group (YAG) on PITCH project headed by Education As A Vaccine Nigeria.

This is a project the group has deemed necessary after carrying out their research and also observing while they were on other projects and realised the need for an affordable or at no cost water filtration system as a result of the water problem faced in the rural areas of the state not excluding the seemingly urban areas.

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This group has in the past carried out many community related projects to fit the various needs of those in their communities.

In The End, This Became The Result!