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“We Got A Whole Situation”


In a recent interview, DDG spoke on his blind date with Rubi last year and what developed after that first meeting.

There have been rumors regarding the nature of DDG and Rubi Roses’s relationship for about a year now. The pair was set up on a blind date early last year, and following their filmed meet-up, their fans wondered what developed after it was all said and done. Both artists have hinted that they are together, but like many entertainers in the industry, they’ve been enigmatic with answers when asked about their alleged romance in interviews. 

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Recently, DDG caught up with Supa Cindy and DJ Entice of Miami’s 99Jamz, and the rapper was asked if the blind date was the last of his relationship with his fellow artist. “Of course not,” he said. “I’m a charming young man. I’ve been had a crush on Rubi before we did that little video or whatever. That wasn’t the end of it. I’m like, this is really just, my way of starting it off, but me and her, we got a whole situation going on.”

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“That video turned into something bigger,” DDG added. He didn’t go into detail about what his answer exactly meant, but Supa Cindy was excited to hear that a romance developed from their blind date. All DDG could do is smile while keeping his cards close to the vest. Check out his interview in its entirety below where he speaks about his YouTube days, leaving college for social media stardom, and his rise in music. Also, make sure to check out DDG and Rubi’s blind date, as well.

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