Wife Omitted From Obituary After Killing Husband And Children In Benue (Photos)


    The Benue state woman who reportedly killed her husband and three children has been omitted from the obituary.

    The obituary of the family who was wiped out following a domestic violence in Benue state has been released.
    Recall that the man identified as Mr. Nicholas Adetsav was found dead with his wife and children at their home in Vandeikya street in Makurdi, Benue state capital.
    The man who was a administrative staff of the local government service commission and was said to have been killed by his wife after an undisclosed disagreement.
    It was alleged that the wife who went on rampage, damaged the vehicle belonging to her husband before killing her husband and children. The woman also killed herself, according to reports.
    The wife was omitted from the obituary as the rest of the family members are set o be buried on Friday, November 16th at their hometown in Gwer-East local government of Benue state.