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YG’s “STAY DANGEROUS” Album: The Hardest Bars


YG’s lyrical output never wavers far from the block.

YG is his most dangerous self when the beat is slowed to his preferred signature. For every wiseguy that laments repetition in hip hop, there’s a select few that understand how a beat pad can anchor a record from start to finish. Reputation is everywhere in hip hop production, but would you tolerate the same complacency or dullness from the lyricist’s lounge, perhaps not.

STAY DANGEROUS is a well defined example of the distinction between simplicity and complacency. YG has tricks in the stash, some don’t leap off the page, but neither did Doggystyle before the transcripts were set to music. What YG lacks in visual description he sure compensates with charisma. There are none-the-less moments of brevity on STAY DANGEROUS that stop you right in your tracks.

In the realm of curious delay, YG still exudes an array of authentic leadership. Look at the way he handled the Madden 19 debacle in one concise pronouncement, culminating in the CEO of EA Sports begging for pardon. If it weren’t YG’s conspicuous lyrical agenda, he wouldn’t demand such courtesy at the drop of a hat.

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Check out YG’s most convincing bars from the album below. Stream it



I love baby too much and she ain’t even mine
Two young n****s on the same mission
Tryna leave a fuckboy’s brains missing.


I’ll, I’ll, I’ll beat a n**** ass for that pussy
They need another land for that pussy
Come through so fast, I might crash for that pussy
Watch hours pass out the hourglass for that pussy
I’ll buy some new ass for that pussy.


My brazy lil n****s get on Instagram and tell you they gon’ get at you
No I can’t meet you in the right mind just so to write, lil n**** I’m a factor
No I ain’t regular, n****, I got hoes in the back, I’m Santa.


They like, “YG, why you so extra’d out?”
‘Cause I pull up in a drop, like bitch check me out
I don’t drive no Tesla, I got too much clout
Take it out her pussy hole, put it in her mouth.


Your kids, I took them Christmas shopping
You know me, I’ma do my part, n**** I gotchu
I know you watchin’ so you know what’s up with G man
He was just worried about his kids and his freeman
Your mom said that you said, we was on bad terms
Man that shit work a n**** nerves.


Fuck the DA, fuck the P.O, fuck the president, fuck the Po-po
They follow me, wanna keep me close, try to hold me back, let me go
I sip the drank, I sip the drank, pick up the phone and call Michel’le
She hold me down, I gotta make the plan, if the plan don’t get me, then I don’t care.

My fingerprints is they evidence, what the fuck I’ma do now?
So hold me tight, hold me close, my lifestyle got me doin’ the most
Fuck that, let’s make a toast, the Lord keep us alive, he never take our soul
I’m prayin’ up, I’m prayin’ up, this a must that I can’t sleep, I stay up
Pops told me to change up but if I change up they gonna say I changed up.


I’m passin’ out choppers and big .40’s
You say you a street n****, you gotta be on some street shit
‘Cause soon as you stop, n****s gonna try to sneak diss
But fuck that, that’s why I keep the heat tucked by the seat bitch
To my last day, I’m forever on some Tree shit
Gang bang politics, turn me into a politician
The way I move boss shit now, n****s think I’m actin’ different