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“You Won’t Hear It From Me Anymore”


He previously called actor Michael Jai White a “b*tch ass n*gga” and stated he can use the word because a DNA kit revealed he was 2% African.

It was just over a year ago when Mike Perry doubled down on using the n-word. We previously reported on the UFC fighter’s usage of the word “n*gga”—something that he reportedly picked up while growing up in Michigan. When Perry got into a verbal spat with actor Michael Jai White, Perry tweeted, “Blood and bone more like b*tch ass n*gga @MichaelJaiWhite.” After receiving backlash, Perry added, “You have to make a big deal out of this. A white man said that to you because you straight up being one. Y’all can’t act like you don’t hear me. It was bullsh*t. He was trying to slander a real gangsta so people would think he more than an actor. For FLA we say FOH.”

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Perry also stated that he was allowed to use the word after taking a DNA test that revealed he was 2 percent African, but it seems that he’s had a change of heart. On the first day of Black History Month, Perry returned to his Twitter account to reveal that he will no longer be using the n-word. “I know some won’t care but some might appreciate this. This is for my son and me as a son to be different than my father. Also black history month,” Perry wrote.

“I would like to apologize for any time I ever said n***a , plain and simple you won’t hear it from me anymore. #NoDisrespect.” The response to his post was mixed, as some readily accepted his apology while others weren’t as forgiving.

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