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Young Bae Confronts Abusive Dad In Explosive “Black Ink Crew” Scene


Young Bae recently confronted the father she claims was so abusive that her entire family left and hid from him for over a decade.

Longtime viewers of Black Ink Crew are aware of Young Bae’s accusations of abuse against her father. In January 2018, the VH1 series followed Young Bae’s storyline as she and her mother returned to her home country of South Korea. Bae was scared after learning that her father had found her mother and was sending her threatening letters. Bae and her mother previously ran from the alleged abuser and even lived in a small shack-like hut to hide from him.

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Young Bae Black Ink Crew
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In this recent season of Black Ink Crew, viewers find Young Bae coming face-to-face with her dad while cameras were rolling. The emotional, explosive scene immediately went left after Bae questioned him about why her father beat on his family. He told her, “I don’t know how to be a good father,” before adding that he didn’t get to talk to his wife and daughter the way he’d liked to. Bae interjected by reminding him that he could speak with them because they were caged in fear and he beat them every day.

Bae’s father just stared at her with a smirk without acknowledging what she was saying, and this infuriated the reality star further. She brought up her nose bleeds, her fever after he kicked her, the beating because she smiled or cried, the threats of death—but all he had to say was that he did the best he could to provide. Then, Bae picked up the table and tossed it as she screamed and cried. Security stepped in and the crowding seemed to agitate her father, who also became upset. Watch the intense scene below.