Yung Pinch Reflects On Young Love Lost With “21”


Many of us can reflect fondly on the days when falling in love didn’t come with the complications of adulthood, and for beach town-bred emcee Yung Pinch the feels were strong enough to inspire his new single titled “21.”

Yung Pinch 21 new single
Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

Backed by a catchy guitar riff and classic hi-hat trap loop, “21” is a relatable tune for anyone who saw their relationship take a turn for the worse after becoming a fully legal adult. From the mind games to random trip to Vegas where, as we all know, things can get pretty wild, Pinch thinks back on the good times while also making it clear that he won’t be a fool for love once again. It never hurts to briefly reminisce on that old thing from time to time, though.

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Listen to “21” by Yung Pinch below:

Quotable Lyrics:

When it’s all said and done, you the one that I want
When it’s all said and done, you the one that I need
When it’s all said and done, who the f*ck you gon’ call?
Hold up, wait a minute, girl why you calling me?
She just want a piece of me like I’m Little Caesars
I might let her be with me, just so I can leave her
I just need to be at peace, like back in the days
But shit don’t work that easily I’m stuck in my ways